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​Fans and Heat Sinks Together

Most of high-end CPU air cooler uses heat pipes to strengthen the power to absorbed heat.

This Cooler's fan sets on top of a heat sink to cool a hot-running CPU chip. The combination of fan and heat sinks is very common.

This Chip Coolers fan sits on top of a heat sink to cool a hot-running CPU chip. 

In recent years, Buying a new AIO CPU water Cooler to achieve better heat dissipation performance is now the main choices of most DIY building users. Building a water cooled pc could reduce the noise from PC. AIO liquid cooler usually uses 120mm radiator or 240mm radiator. And Cooler manufacturers have seized the integrated water cooling market, making the previously high-end water cooler which is simple, cheap and safer. And the product renewal of each generation is also steady progress. Click know more about CPU cooler.