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Splitter for One to Four RGB 5050 3528 LED Light Strips with 10x Male 4 Pin Plugs -30cm/12inch Long (1 to 4Splitter Cable)

  • 1 to 4 female connection cable For - 5050/3528 RGB LED Extension Cable is designed for 10mm width LED strips
  • 1 end to connect with LED RGB controller, the other ends for 4 Reel LED RGB strips
  • This DC Power Adapter Cable splits 1 power signal into 4, enables you to connect 4color changing RGB LED strips to a single controller
  • Power supply with sufficient amperage for 4 strips is required
  • Package Content: RGB LED Strip Splitter Cable; 10x male 4pin plugs (electroplated copper on the 4 pins, perfect conductivity)

4 Pins LED Splitter Cable LED Strip Connector 4 Way Splitter Y Splitter for One

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