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Every option includes fans and a controller.

Double-ring high-brightness fan, multiple modes, built-in colorful RGB light strips, super domineering RGB colorful color changing fan! [Note: This product uses new materials, similar to the quality of jade, non-recycled materials, high cost, but we are affordable.

Support speed regulation, brightness adjustment, support the speed of dimming, the fan can stop.

The fan is a small 6pin interface, and the controller is powered by a large 4Pin interface. It can only be plugged into the desktop power supply and can be powered by other devices. Do not use other devices to supply power. Do not plug the power supply and the light bar interface.

A controller can insert up to 10 fans, 2 lights, cool appearance, multiple modes: monochrome Breathing, multi-color breathing, flashing slow flashing, running water mode, horse racing mode, automatic breathing, chasing mode, lighting can be turned off, speed change color, colorful!

Please insert fan 1, fan 2, fan 3 in order, and do not insert them randomly.

COOLMOON Ark 2 RGB Case Cooling Fan 12cm for Desktop Computer

  • Size: 120*120*25mm
    Working voltage: 12v+5v
    Speed: 0-1400RPM �� 10%
    Air volume: 37.8CFM
    Noise value: 25dBA
    Fan life: 30000 HOURS
    Interface: 6pin

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