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How should thermal conductive silicone grease be applied?
The key is to be uniform, free of bubbles, impurities and as thin as possible. There are two main ways to apply silicone grease. One is to squeeze a little silicone grease into the center of the CPU/GPU surface and then squeeze the silicone grease evenly by the pressure of the radiator. The other way is to apply the silicone grease evenly on the surface of the CPU/GPU. Obviously, the former method is suitable for heat sources with a smaller surface area. The second method is more suitable for CPU/GPU with a larger surface area, such as Intel Core 2 series processors. But the second method is easy to get impurities and may produce bubbles.
CPU, graphics card and other equipment for heat dissipation, heating elements (such as power amplifier, IC, heat pipe) and radiator heat transfer medium, thermal conductivity: greater than 0.85W/mK.
High stability, no toxicity, harmless to the human body and fast heat dissipation.

CPU Graphics Card Heat Dissipation 30G Heat Conduction Paste

SKU: GZ002
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  • 0.85W/mK.

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