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1. Developed and manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications of the USB Association. The wire core wire is made of multi-strand tinned hole material.
The signal shielding layer is combined with braided wire and the data transmission is more stable and efficient.
2. High-speed signal with a maximum support rate of 5 Gbps, using a single trace to enhance simultaneous use
Time stability; 20P head meets USB Association specifications and is compatible with more motherboards.
3. Expansion accessories developed for the chassis PC��, the size of the board is strictly in accordance with the standard chassis size.
We have newly designed the opening position of the baffle to facilitate the simultaneous adaptation of two USB devices.
For use, the metal baffle uses a high-quality nickel plating process to enhance product texture and oxidation resistance.
The use of this patch cord requires the chassis motherboard to have a 20P expansion port, when there is no connection device
When the method is in normal use, please make sure that the 20P is fully inserted, the system driver and the connected device are normal.

Dual 2 Port USB 3.0 A Male to Motherboard Mainboard 20Pin Cable Adapter

SKU: PU005
$12.50 Regular Price
$11.25Sale Price
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