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With Bluetooth function, vibration, built-in battery!

DuALSHOCK4 wireless controller (hereinafter referred to as PS4 Controller) inherits the basic concept and design concept of the PS3 special DuALSHOCK3 (hereinafter referred to as PS3 Controller) wireless controller, which is widely supported by users and adds various functions that can comfortably enjoy the game. The six-axis detection system with high sensitivity and the touchpad with natural and intuitive operation on the front of the controller bring rich game experience.
Over the wireless controller of the PS4 Controller, new color bars can be displayed. When many people play, the color of the light bar and the matching of the characters in the game will be linked, which will make it easy to identify the roles they manipulate. The color change of the light bar can also indicate the physical strength or injury of the character. Such application methods can directly distinguish all kinds of game information.
PS4 Handle Wireless Controller also adds stereo headset/microphone connector. Users of the PS4 can enjoy high-quality game effects not only through the TV horn but also from the controller in hand. When you play online games, you only need to use the PS4 handles wireless controller and the mono-channel headphone microphone set attached to the PS4 to have a dialogue with your friends and provide a deeper level of game fun.
In addition, on the front of the PS4 handles wireless controller, a new "OPTIONS button" is designed, which integrates the functions of "SELECT (Selection) button" and "START (Start) button" on the PS3 handles, as well as the "SHARE (Sharing) button" which can extend the fun of game experience. Every user can use the "SHARE" button to easily connect to live webcasting platforms such as Ustream to relay the game to friends. In addition, the PS4 also videos the whole game. Users don't have to worry about missing any exciting moments. They can upload games to Facebook and share them with friends through simple button operation. You don't have to use a personal computer to change the format of a movie to share it easily. When the PS4 enters standby state, besides charging the PS4 handle with a special charger, it can charge the charger of your smartphone and other devices.

DualShock 4 Remote Controller for PlayStation 4 for Sale-Blue

SKU: SB004
Connection Mode
  • Brand: Neutral
    Weight: 256g
    Size: 169*105*68mm
    Line Length: Wireless Bluetooth Connection
    Compatibility: PS4/PS3/PC, WIN1087XP computer system


    (The first time you use a USB cable to connect to the host, then you can operate it wirelessly. The same is true of the original device.)

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