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Ergonomic design, inline with the actural needs of gamers.
X7- Dark Knight based on the actual needs of gamers to join the double-click to stengthen the fire-free key, and the larger finger support components.
Large curved design, can effectively support the palm of the band, decentralized palm pressure, left and right finger support componenys, allowing the mouse more docile, reducing the mouse skid the situation.
Double-click key 1 clcik is equivalent to 2 times the left button, greatly improving the efficiency of operation, reducing finger fatigue caused by long-term keys.
No need driver software, a key to automatically dajust, suitable for office and play games.
"Forward,backward" side keys, to avoid complex key operation, human nature, intimate to the subtle design.
Built-in colorful gradient breathing light, soft color, so ool and does not hurt the eyes.

IMICE X7 7-Key Game Mouse with Double Click button

SKU: SB004
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