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  • AMD and INTEL multi-platform tool-free mounting clips are available.
    Simulate the actual machine operating temperature test with a thermal resistance of 
    Double-cavity water-cooled head: The heat dissipation performance and product life are greatly improved.
  • Integrated AIO CPU Water Cooled Radiator Full Platform Computer Hydraulic Cooled Table Machine Heat Dissipation Set
  • High-quality copper base - Our pump Provides good heat dissipation performance
  • 120mm Fans - These fans keep a good flow going to your key systems. Silent cooling at an efficient rate.
  • 1. Pure copper heat conduction base, designed with the 0.15mm flow channel. Effectively improve heat exchange efficiency.
    2. Cold day and fan can realize 256-colour automatic streamer conversion function.
    3. Cold day adopts transparent PC+ tempered glass double light guiding material, and the light effect is crystal clear.
    4. Cold-discharged all-aluminum high-density fins with 12 channels, which allow the coolant to fully contact the cold row and quickly reduce the CPU temperature.
    5. It adopts FEP material water pipe and has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance/corrosion resistance/antioxidation.
    6.AMD/INTEL full platform support
    7. Equipped with a small 4PIN PWM airspeed fan, using hydraulic bearings to support temperature control.
    8. The fan adopts the shaft illumination design, which does not reduce the fan blade size, and can provide large air volume support for the cold discharge.



Jonsbo TW2-120 Water-Cooled integrated CPU cold Liquid AIO Cooler

  • Our products are shipped from China to Globe.

    Usually, it will take 7- 15 days to arrive. 

    For wholesale or customers who buy something in bulk, please contact us.

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