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[This product is commonly used to refer to]: DVI to VGA cable, HD cable, computer cable, DVI HD cable, graphics card DVI cable, etc.


[name]: Lianxun DVI to VGA cable
[interface]: DVI-VGA (24+5) 24K gold-plated plug
[Length]: 1.8 meters
[Magnetic ring]: Double true magnetic ring
[Conductor core]: The conductor is made of copper clad steel
[product skin]: high density shielding woven mesh
[Shielding outer layer]: high quality braided sheath, with wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection, long service life, etc.
[Use]: Computers, DVDs, set-top boxes, HDTVs, projectors, etc. with DVI, VGA interface, get high-definition images
[Advantages]: 1, 28AWG conductor specifications / / high-density FMPE insulation foam / / 4P digital signal transmission / / three-layer shielding
2. The signal twisted pair adopts 125% special shielding aluminum foil, the outer layer is shielded by high-density woven mesh, and the outer shield is shielded. The net plays the role of double anti-interference.
3, gold-plated plug. / dust cover protection to effectively reduce contact resistance and corrosion resistance / contact terminals using high-purity electrolytic copper-clad steel, plug and play signal transmission stability
4, using equipment (HDTV / HD player / PS3 / Blu-ray DVD / LCD / HD camera), etc., to achieve high-definition point-to-point transmission, lossless signal, plug and play
[Effect]: Improve the live effect of your home theater
[Packaging]: Simple sealed composite bag

Manufacturer DVI to VGA HD cable 1.8 m 24+5 computer display DVI / VGA cable

SKU: DB-001
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$8.01Sale Price
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