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This product belongs to the Switch Pro wireless (Bluetooth) control handle, with TURBO function, supporting motor double vibration. Connect with SWITCH host, and compatible with the PC host (XP system version above). It can be used to control all kinds of games, such as ARMS strong boxing, Mario racing 8, Zelda legend and so on so that you can experience the feeling of immersion in the course of the game. The product category is about 295G. Line length 295G
Product features:
Compatible with all buttons of Switch original handle, motor corresponding function. (SENSOR function for selection)
Four red LED indicators are provided.
Provide 16 case function input keys to support the TURBO function.
Built-in dual motors, 256 grade precision 3D rocker.
The keys are sensitive and handy.
Compatible with PC host (supporting X_INPUT and D-INPUT mode).
Linear keys.

Switch Gaming Wireless(Bluetooth) Controller for Sale suitable for PC

SKU: SB012
$23.00 Regular Price
$20.70Sale Price
Connection Mode
  • Product introduction:
    1. The handle connects the SWITCH host via Bluetooth.
    Connecting to PC host through a USB cable in shutdown state, realizing X_INPUT and D-INPUT mode
    2. Handle operation:
    For the first time, press the HOME key for 3 seconds to boot and enter the pairing. The LED 1-4 flash represents the success of the pairing. The corresponding channel lights allocated by the SWITCH mainframe are always on. Connect again and press the HOME key to boot and enter the link back.
    3. Motor function handle with dual motor function.
    4. Low power alarm: When the battery voltage of the handle is less than 3.6V, the response channel will flash slowly, indicating the low power of the handle.
    5. The handle shuts down after 10 minutes without operation.
    6. The handle can be upgraded directly without driving USB.
    7. Reset function: When the handle is abnormal, it can be reset by pressing the reset key behind the handle.
    8. The receiving distance of the handle can reach 8-10M, depending on the environment.
    9. Battery capacity: 500 mAH
    Battery life: 15-20 hours
    Charging time: 2.5 hours.
    Charging interface: TYPE-C

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