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1. Provide 7 USB ports,

2. USB2.0 HUB
3. Built-in current overload short circuit protection device;
4. Use high-quality electronic devices to ensure stable operation;
5. The computer automatically recognizes the installation, no driver, plug and play, plug and play;
6. Support: windows95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac 8.6 or later
7. The appearance is cute, beautiful and easy to use.


1. USB2.0 chip, real high speed chip.
2. (Hi-speed) USB2.0 interface, theoretical maximum speed up to 480Mbps, and backward compatible with USB 1.1/1.0 standard specifications
3. Equipped with four sets of USB jacks with hot plug function
4. Current protection function, support overload voltage and instantaneous current protection function, safe and convenient to use
5. Work indicator
6. Working humidity: 10% - 90%
7. Working voltage: 5V
8. Working current: 500mA
9. Working temperature: -20C - 75C
10. Storage temperature: -40C - 85C


Product color: black / white optional (requires what color please note, no note will be shipped randomly!)
Support system: Windows98SE/2000/XP/ME/WIN7/VISTA or Linux2.4/Mac OS 8.5 and above


Important reminder:


--USB HUB is the USB interface expander, the splitter is connected to the computer, it is not guaranteed to be used for other purposes, please know!
-- This USB Hub can be equipped with U disk, keyboard, mouse, USB fan, U shield and other low-power devices without external power supply; if you need to bring high-power devices (such as mobile hard disk), please use external power supply!
-- Please make sure that the computer itself can drive the mobile hard disk. If the computer can not afford it, the HUB with an external power supply will still be unable to drive.

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 7-Port Splitter Hub Adapter on/off Switch For PC Laptop

$6.90 Regular Price
$6.21Sale Price
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