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PlayStation 4 (PS4) Controllers and Accessories


DualShock 4

The Wireless game controller to PlayStation®4 characterizes this style of play, joining revolutionary Characteristics and comfort with intuitive, precision controls.  Evolved simple stays Also trigger buttons consider unparalleled precision for each move the same time imaginative innovations offer energizing approaches to encounter your amusements and share your best minutes. 


Best PS4 Wireless Controller

Breakthrough Detail Design

Precision Triggers

The feel, shape, Also affectability of the DualShock®4’s simple stays Furthermore trigger buttons improved with the gaming players outright control to every last bit diversions with respect to PlayStation®4. 

Share Button Uploads

Add the "Share" button, so that you can easily share the most exciting game moments. Uploading game videos and screenshots directly from the system or real-time streaming media will not interfere with the ongoing game.

Refined Analog Sticks

Improved analog sticks and trigger buttons allow unparalleled accuracy in each action.

Revolutionary features such as touch pads, integrated light bars, and built-in speakers provide exciting new experiences and ways to interact with games. 3.5 mm audio provide practical personal audio solutions for players who want to listen to games in private.

Touch Pad